BEAUTY CONNEXION  is where trends are born. Located in the northernmost district of SOUTH AFRICA, the BEAUTY CONNEXION  is well known for its ethnic and cultural diversity as well as vibrant mix of world influences. Characterized by multicultural diversity, it brings together people from different backgrounds and cultures and has housed some of the most creative and renowned musicians, artists and actors of all time. Home to hip-hop, breakdance and graffiti, it truly does preserve and emphasize a colourful and unique urban lifestyle. Get inspired as you explore our website.
About Us
Inspired by the iconic streets of NYC, one of the most vibrant cities in the world, BEAUTY CONNEXION  brings you a wide variety of quality products and colours. Paying tribute to the trends and traditions of “ BEAUTY CONNEXION  “ as a classic melting pot of cultures, our underlying vision is driven by people from all over the world whose colourful stories have influenced our products and packaging. Inclusivity is part of our philosophy and has compelled our need to create a significant variety of stylish products. Whether you’re looking for classic or trendy – our extensive product range provides the opportunity to create every look and style that appeals to a variety of women.